conflict management

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Purpose: To identify your conflict management style ( from the completed questionnaire) and the style of the person that you are engaged in conflict with, and how changing styles influence the outcome.

Method: Answer all of the questions below using complete sentences.Each question will be valued at 5 marks.


Part A: what happened?

  • Briefly describe a conflict that you were engaged in in the past
  • Choose a conflict that was not resolved. Provide enough detail to give the conflict context i.e. situation, relationship
  • What were you thinking and feeling at the time?
  • Describe what was good and bad about the situation.
  • What conflict style did you choose to use? and why?
  • What conflict style did the other person choose to use? Can you identify why?
  • Choose an alternate style that moves the exchange in a positive direction and explain why you believe that this approach would have been a more effective choice.
  • What challenges might you have to overcome if you had used a different approach? Be specific.
  • How do you think the person you were engaged in conflict with might have responded to this different approach?
  • What sense can you make of the situation?
  • Provide three specific strategies that you could apply to future conflicts that would produce a more positive outcome.

Part B: what did I learn? Use the information that was discussed in class, the questionnaire and text.

Part C: Reflection


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