Consumer Behaviour

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i have exam and i need help to answer these 4 Q’s? and please try to be clear with answer and please don’t write more than 1000 word for each Q? and also use date and name for references in answers just (Last Name(s), Date)..

Here is all Q’s?

1- How do the psychological and sociopolitical
perspectives on ‘the consumer’ differ? Consider at
least three dimensions discussed throughout the term.

2- What is perception? How do perceptual processes
affect our consumption? List at least three key
phenomena in answering.

3- Discuss past pitfalls in marketing by race and
ethnicity, and then identify and describe three
legitimate ways in which marketers incorporate race
and ethnicity into their work.

4- Using at least three theories from the readings,
discuss how gender influences consumer behaviour.

I will add later some lectures notes and reading list…

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