Context analysis (Project description, external and internal consideration)

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Create a context analysis base on this information

An example is attached below

The project service objective is to reduce costs while creating a website using User-Centered Design principles to maximize customization to the client’s target audience.This website will be used by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, and it is supposed to be representative of the iSchool. Being a school focused on Human-Computer Interaction, the expectations for this project are high. The website representing the school must be reflective of what it teaches its students. Creating a page that appeals to the iSchool’s students and provides important information about the programs and current accomplishments can boost enrollment.




  • Useful, relevant, and convenient tool for users in the program
  • Intuitive navigation and search
  • Quick and easy checkout
  • Lack of mobile support
  • Confusing structure and navigation
  • Outdated design



  • Attract a larger audience (expand the iSchool)
  • More effective marketing tactics
  • Improve user experience

  • New law or regulation
  • New competitors
  • Fraudulent activity

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