Coroner and Medical Examiner, law homework help

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Base Key Outline:



  • Crime Scene Investigator
    • Works with Law Enforcement
    • Isolates and secures crime scene
    • Assist law enforcement establish a restricted perimeter
    • Preserve, collect, and record impressions
    • Collects DNA evidence
  • Coroner
    • Elected for position
    • Initiate investigations at crime scenes determining cause of death
    • Oversee collection of physical, scientific, and pathological evidence
    • Receive and study death reports
  • Ways of determining death
    • Livor Mortis – One thing you don’t see at a crime
    • Rigor Mortis – Stiffening of body muscles
    • Algor Mortis – Helps determine the time of death
    • Basic Decomposition – Decomposing of body

4. Challenges

To ensure proper steps and measures are utilized at the scene of a death, ensuring one’s family if it was natural, suicide or homicide

  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Recapitulate the key facts of paper and reiterate the essay in different words.
  • Make a good and robust concluding account.


There is a difference between a crime scene investigator and a coroner’s investigator. There is also a difference between a coroner and a medical examiner. There are 3 ways to determine the time of death:

  • Livor mortis
  • Rigor mortis
  • Algor mortis

Assignment Guidelines

  • First, revise your Unit 4 Outline according to instructor feedback and peer review.
  • Next, using the outline as a base, address the following questions, and add your responses to your Assignment final draft:
    • What restrictions apply to a crime scene investigator with regard to a body within the crime scene? Explain.
    • What is the role of a coroner’s investigator? Explain.
    • What is a coroner? Explain.
    • What is a medical examiner? Explain.
    • What is the difference between livor mortis, rigor mortis, and algor mortis?
    • Do you believe that every jurisdiction should have a coroner or a medical examiner? Why or why not?

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