Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Read the CSR report on Bank of America in order to address the following questions, your response to each question should be AT LEAST two long paragraphs

1. Does the company have programs that address a broad range of stakeholders? List the stakeholders they are working with, and at least two examples of stakeholder programs. Given their industry, does it seem that any stakeholder groups are missing?

2. Does the company discuss in their findings both good news and “bad” news? Give at least 2 examples of good news. Do they offer solutions for how they plan to address needed improvements for the “bad” news (give at least 2 examples).

3. Does the report outline any external verification done to provide assurance and credibility to their report? (examples would be an external panel or hiring an external consulting company) Who is the external verification done by? Do they use a commonly accepted set of benchmark standards? (examples include AA 1000, UN Global Company and Global Reporting Initiative, “GRI”)

4. After reviewing their most recent Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Report, do you agree that the company should be on the list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens”? Why or why not?

Your response to each question should be AT LEAST two long paragraphs.

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