Corporate Social Responsibility Review Paper

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  • Do a critique of a company’s (Mercedes benz) sustainability, CSR, or citizenship report.
    • Assess how far the Mercedes goes in addressing CSR concerns.
    • Social sustainability: Create a list of the internal benefits of CSR and social sustainability initiatives. These can put in a table format. The Dannon case provides as a good example that illustrate some of the internal social sustainability values of CSR programs.Explain why it was not their priority to advertise their CSR activities.Explain how a CSR strategy “fit” the firm’s management culture that values employees.
    • Environmental Sustainability: Discuss the emerging opportunities in the evolving “green markets.”In this part, cite strategic opportunities to pursuing green markets.One part of this would be to summarize the different green markets in the Clorox case and provide the strategic discussion as to how they successfully developed green brands.Summarize the benefits of these efforts for marketing, branding, reputation enhancement, etc.
    • Critique the company CSR report that you read. Explain how the firm construed and defined their specific “responsibility” in the report. Cite any shortcomings and weaknesses.
      • Is the company doing enough?
      • Is it effective?
      • Is the company fully transparent in addressing all social and environmental responsibility concerns?
      • What would you suggest that the company needs to do?
    • Should be 5-7 pages (does not include reference page) pages double-spaced in Microsoft Word, use headings and subheadings provided in the guideline, and 10 pt Times New Roman font. Executive Summary should be one page. Please include findings from the attachments in the research, as well as outside sources.

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