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Your reply needs to
be at least 200 words in length for each question, use peer-reviewed sources or
the text to support your response. Personal opinion alone will not earn credit.
You can include personal opinion, work experience to support your response, but
be certain to use some type of peer-reviewed source(s) or the text to support
your response. Dot com sources may not earn any credit, so please avoid them.
Anyone may use a dot com source, and that is not considered scholarly.

While the text presents job and processing
costing systems as virtual “polar extremes,” there are many situations where it
may be best for a company to use a hybrid system that combines attributes of
both systems.  Describe such a situation
and discuss how the hybrid system may be better than either pure job or pure
process systems. 

Assume you own a business that makes two
complementary products for which you allocated manufacturing overhead
proportionally.  A competitor is trying
to undercut your price for one of the products. 
How might ABC costing help you better compete with this pending threat?

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