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The review session with your instructor is worth 10 points.

Items to be covered include concurrence on the 3 tables (you propose), fields making up the tables including the primary key field, and how relationships are set between the 3 tables.

The maximum number of tables allowed is 4. Keep it simple with a solid design and joins between tables. Be sure each table has its own unique primary key field. This primary key is entered into another table strictly for joining purposes which is why we call it a ‘foreign’ key in that table.


Design your Database Management System

Apply what you’ve learned to solve a new problem using a database management system.
The volume is not important but, rather the quality and adhering to the ‘Grading Rubric’ requirements (specifications).

Trouble thinking of a project?
> Look at the ‘Case Questions at the end of the chapters in the textbook.
> Look at a bill you routinely receive. A bill is a ‘report’ from a database system. Reverse engineer a database system that maybe used to create the bill.
> Create a way to track sales that you make in a small business like eBay, lawn mowing, Example tables could be a BUYER, ITEM, and PAYMENT.
> Do you have a collection? Create a system for the collection.

Create something logical and useful without going to extremes. Apply what you’ve learned to creating a useful solution to a problem.

> Design Review (10 points) Smile
Begin work on Individual Case Study (name database ‘YourLastName_IndividualCaseStudy’

1. Create 3 tables, enter fields in the tables, attributes for each field, and set relationships between tables in MS Access.
Do not enter any records in the tables or create any other objects like forms, reports, and/or queries.

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