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Analyze the basis for classifying courts into jurisdictions, and differentiate between the key elements of courts of limited jurisdictions and courts of general jurisdictions. Describe a court of general jurisdiction in your state in which you mention two types of cases that it can hear.  Imagine that you are a new judge of a court in your state with limited jurisdiction. Determine three (3) kinds of cases that you believe you will be receiving as part of the caseload for your court. Provide specific examples of your chosen case types. determine two (2) key factors that determine whether a defendant found guilty of a crime is able to direct his / her appeal to the appellate court or whether the appeal is sent to the state supreme court for handling. Provide specific examples of recent cases in your state where your chosen factors applied to support your rationale. Describe the hierarchy of the federal court system of the United States and its subject matter jurisdictions. Discuss two methods that allow for a case to be heard in federal court. Provide specific examples of cases heard within the federal court hierarchy to support your rationale.

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