Critical Case Study Paper

Critical Case Study Paper: 10 page

 Students are required to write a ~10-12 pp. paper on one of the countries (excluding the US) discussed in Part VI of the Dickovick and Eastwood text. What theory best describes politics and development for that country? How do you know? Come up with hypotheses or research propositions and test them with data you find on your country. You’ll need: 1) an Introduction, 2) a brief Theory and Literature Review, 3) a Methodology section explaining case study methods and your hypotheses/propositions, 4) a Discussion of your data and findings, 5) a Conclusion, and 6) a References section. You need to cite all sources parenthetically (ex: Hansen, 2011, 112-14), and use the APA style for References. Do not use Wikipedia, blogs, or other non-refereed internet sources! Journalistic sources should be used sparingly, if at all.

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