Critical Thinking Peer Dialogue (CTPD) #7

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“From a complexity perspective, everyone can be intentional change agents in an organization if they become more aware of options to help an organization adapt to its environment….The role of the change agent is to use an understanding of the evolving pattern to shift the container, differences, or exchanges to affect the self-organizing path, to observe how the system responds, and designs the next intervention.”

––Olson and Eoyang (2001), Facilitating Organization Change


Okay, no doubt we are living in rapidly changing world of complexity, technology and globalization are driving this!

  • Working in your job, or being a student at the Rowe–– do you feel you can drive positive change in the system (describe in detail your answer)?
  • Do you think today’s society welcomes all voices in change processes, in other words, do you think organizations are inclusive (describe your answer)?
  • How might you empower yourself to become aware of more options to enable change, or build your capacity to be a change agent for fairness, prosperity, and sustainability?


(i) Ch.12 (Kissick)

(ii) Gregersen, Morrison, & Black (1998)- Developing leaders for the global frontier

Make sure you read the article ” developing leader for the global frontier ” and make connection with a article

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