Cultural Event: Examples: music concerts, recitals or performances; plays or stage shows; movie fest

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Be sure todescribe

the event

, including all basic information (who, what, where, when, why, and how).

Additionally, discuss how the event contributed to your integration or sense of belonging into the campus

community, your development or growth as a scholar or student, added to your

personal knowledge, etc. In

other words, find something about each event that affects you in a positive, interesting, or inspiring way and

explain it.

I encourage you to write from the first

person perspective, but aside from this exception, please


w the

conventions of formal academic essay writing

. Do not use contractions, text speak, symbols, or emoticons.

I will evaluate papers based on: a) depth of reflection, b) examples and application, and c) organization and



am looking for insig

htful reflection and discussion about the events you attend. Don’t just

tell me how interesting or informative the event was… show me!

Provide examples and explain them.

Consider how attending these events contributes to the overall goals or expectations of the FYS program and to

what you are learning in this class (and

in others, too.).

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