Debate Paper Arguing that Social Media Facilitates Powerful Participation

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This paper is on the side of the fact that social media does facilitate powerful participation. I have to argue this and bring into my paper at least two outside readings/research studies to support
your claims. My teacher says: Your position paper should be cogently written and present clear, well supported queries and
ideas. I want to know where you stand on this issue: Who were you more convinced by? Why?
What evidence, support, and examples persuaded you? When evaluating this assignment, we
will examine:
● how clearly and specifically you outline your argument and discuss your ideas (avoid
vague, unsubstantiated statements)
● how effectively you develop, substantiate, and support those ideas (i.e. your
evidence—includes assigned readings and at least two reputable outside
readings/studies). THE MORE EVIDENCE THE BETTER. Be sure that you cite authors using the
correct APA FORMAT and include a works cited page. Your paper should be four type-written
double-spaced pages, with standard one-inch margins and 12-point font (your
“works cited” may go onto a fifth page).

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