Definition of the code

Tables for Assignment 7

Table 1

Code Definition of the code Example from Transcript



Table 2

Words or Phrases Notes on the Words/Phrases Notes on Emerging Themes
Write down the words or phrases here.

For example, do they appear in a transcript of one particular interview, or do they show up in several interviews? If they show up in several, there is a pattern that cross-cuts individuals.

You might want to state

Name of participant/Page number of transcript (if that seems to make sense).

As you review the list of words/phrases in column 1, and see some patterns, you can name the patterns. Collapse the repeating words/phrases into 4-5 (or whatever seems relevant) themes.
Write down the words or phrases here.    
Keep writing down many words/phrases that appear frequently, until you have written them all down.    


Table 3

Inductively Developed Themes


Examples of Quotes From the Transcripts
Put the name of the theme here. Put a quote here that represents the theme.
  Place additional examples of quotes for this theme in each cell in this table.

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