Develop a detailed agenda for running the group that includes the approximate

Instructions for SFBT Assignment

1. Read the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren article. (W. Sean Newsome PhD & Michael Kelly MSW (2005) Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Solution- Focused Brief Therapy Approach in School Settings, Social Work With Groups, 27:4, 65-84, DOI: 10.1300/J009v27n04_06. To link to this article: In the article, you will find summary descriptions of the eight sessions that were used to run the referenced group. Each of the sessions represents one or more common elements of Solution Focused Brief Treatment adapted for use with this population.

2. Choose one of the group sessions summarized in the article (excluding sessions 1

and 8) for which you will develop a detailed agenda for leading the selected session for a fictional set of grandparents. The group sessions are as follows:

1. Intros and orientation (do not select this session) 2. Signature strengths 3. Small changes lead to big solutions 4. What is better – further progress 5. Doing something different 6. Maintaining change 7. Panel discussion – life lessons 8. Change Party (do not select this session)

3. Create a list of 5-6 individuals who represent fictional grandparents who will be part of your group. Describe briefly their demographic information, how they been affected by the opioid crisis, the reason for placement of their grandchildren in their care and some demographic information about their grandchildren. Example:

• Grandparent: Ethel Stevens, 69, white • Parent: Joslyn Stevens, 41, white, incarcerated • Grandchild: Edward Stevens, 12, white • Referred for: truancy, failing grades, fighting in school. • Background: Joslyn has been incarcerated for 2 years, expected release

in 3 years. Monthly visits with Steven in prison. Steven’s father and grandfather are deceased. Little contact with cousins or other relatives.

4. Develop a detailed agenda for running the group that includes the approximate

duration, materials needed, content and instructions for each activity you will execute with the group members. (See the attached sample assignment.)

5. Predict 2 potential challenges that might arise in your group. These challenges

might be related to the content or material covered or to interpersonal dynamics among members.

6. Make suggestions about how you might address the problems.

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