Develop and expand ONE of your earlier Discussion Blog entries (SHORT DIAGNOSTIC PAPER 1000 words)

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First Essay – Short Diagnostic Paper: You must write and submit a 1000-word paper within the first five weeks of the course. This paper must be written in the genre of a standard undergraduate expository essay. With a thesis statement. And a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited site page. Please print your essay double-spaced, without gaps between paragraphs, in 12-point font size in a common font style such as Times New Roman. The design of this document must conform to the MLA.

Essay Prompt: Fitting Into History–Escape to Gold Mountain and You

Develop and expand ONE of your earlier Discussion Blog entries on David H.T. Wong’s Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America (2012) into an edited, revised, and proofread MLA Style expository essay . with a fully developed thesis statement. In addition to developing and presenting a thesis about the comparative differences and/or similarities between your family history and the Wong family history, remember to cover the following bases:

1. Describe the events from your selected chapter of Escape to Gold Mountain.

2. Describe events happening around the same time (within the same decade) that occurred or may have occurred to your family ancestors in the country where they were or may have been living. You may speculate considerably from the facts that you know if no family history from that time is available.

3. Find ONE historical figure from that time whose statements and/or actions were significant to the possible life of your ancestor at that time. Name and describe that figure and describe their actions or copy a statement by them.

4. Conclude your blog entry with a paragraph that concludes your thesis about the comparative differences and/or similarities between your family history and the Wong family history from Escape to Gold Mountain.

In chapter 15 Wong Ah Gin and Mimi were ready to give some more responsibilities to their three children. Wong Ah Gin and Mimi mentioned they Believe they’ve had a good run with the restaurant for 20 years and Ready to give it to the children to take over. According to Chinese tradition the oldest son is supposed to take over but they didn’t care to except for Gee Mun who didn’t mind staying at the restaurant and looking after his parents. The oldest and the youngest sons Vern and Ken decided to explore new opportunities in Vancouver where they encountered more racism. In 1907 the Chinese were still experiencing racism and hatred. Trade unions started organizing in Vancouver where Vern and Ken went to look for more opportunities. The trouble was coming from the anti-Asiatic league who wanted to keep the Orientals out making a lot of people face troubles finding work. And slowly machines like the iron chink would come in and people would get Laid off, everyone would lose their jobs to some In the same decade as the Wong family in chapter 15 my ancestors Experienced some similar events as the Wong family during that time but not exactly identical. Even thought Iran was very developed around the 1900s it had no real government. It was ruled by Kings who slowly over the years made the country smaller compared to how big and powerful it used to be by giving it away draining its countries value. Around that time regular people would go to fight for a constitution later achieving the goal to establish the charter of rights and overall system of governance. Finding jobs did not get easier but it made their futures a little brighter because there was control in the country now. The historical figure for my ancestors would be hassani pirnia who was a key person who helped write the first constitution of Persia. the Chinese were limited with jobs as were my ancestors but they knew they had the chance to even go out for new opportunities for themselves as The constitution did for the Persians opening up boundless possibilities.

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