To prepare:

  • Review the readings and weekly video introduction to gain an understanding of establishing new behaviors through imitation, shaping, and chaining.
  • Search the available literature to find research on procedures that has been used to effectively increase social skill behavior in children with ASD.

Read the following scenario:

A high functioning 9-year-old child with autism spectrum disorder, Level 1 (i.e., IQ > 100, academic skills commensurate with age and grade placement) has apparent difficulty in initiating social interactions.

Post by Day 3: Evaluate each of the following interventions as a method of increasing social interaction: (a) imitation/modeling, (b) shaping, and (c) forward or backward chaining. What would you recommend as an intervention for this child, and why?

Just a few hints about this week’s discussion post. In order to “evaluate” you will need to formulate an argument based on evidence (from the literature and readings). Why is the approach (a, b or c above) appropriate for the target behavior? How would it work? Are there any drawbacks to that approach? Finally, you must select an approach and say why it is best. Be specific and cite support for your answer.

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