Diagnostics and Interventions for the Global Human Capital Manager

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The board of directors at AGC needs a status update on your
change management project. Shawn asks you to write an executive report for John
and the board of directors about the change management process and the progress
being made toward resolving the global human capital management problems at
AGC. This report will be shared at an upcoming investor meeting. Because the
future success of AGC depends on achieving its human capital management goals,
the board of directors wants to ensure that investors understand that it has
changed its strategy to align human capital goals with its organizational

Review the AGC scenario for this course and prepare a
750–1000 word executive report that describes the steps in your change
management plan, including the following:

Diagnosis: A summary of AGC’s problems, how they were
diagnosed, and your conclusions regarding the root causes.

Intervention: A description of human capital management
strategies that you recommended to create change at AGC and how they were implemented.

Evaluation: How did you measure the effectiveness of your
change management plan? What were the effects on the employees and the
organization’s market performance?


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