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Watch part 1 & 2 of hoodwinked then answer reflection questions.

1) A. Briefly discuss how and why Irish and Italians were not received as racially “white” in the 1840-50s and 1880-1920, periods, respectively, when they first arrived to the US.

B. Discuss the history and process of how these groups became ethnic whites as per Guest.

2) A. Considering the genocide committed upon Native Americans, the stereotypical images of the “Indian” that is a fixture in the US media, their virtual exclusion from the history books in schools and their socio-economic status of poverty to date, are Native American team mascots in American schools and sports teams honoring Native American Peoples? Or, dosuch logos and mascots further the vicious cycle of prejudice and discrimination against them? What do you think?

B.Who are Billy Mills and Charlene Teeters(Dishonorable Mention)?What is his the nature of their work and how is it relevant to our focus on race, ethnicity, and resistance? Will they and others win their battle/ particular struggle? Why or Why not?

3) A. Recall the Hoodwinked. Discuss what you see, hear and feel about the content, the people interviewed, and the contemporary social problem that is the subject of this documentary.

B.Characterize the contemporary social problem here and its significance to anthropology.

4) A. Distinguish Between Deficitsvs– Strength Based Models.

B. What statistical sources are used toanalyze and support the varying arguments made in this documentary?

5) From the examples posed by (a) Dr. Toldson, (b) Dr. Boyce Watkins, (c) Dr. Marc Hill, (d) Dr. J. Kunjufu, (e) Dr. Steve Perry and (f)Jenks Morton – Explain the position and concern of each of these gentlemen.

6) A. What is the role of the educated person? What are the “educated persons” featured in the documentaries doing with their education as it pertains to the contemporary social problem addressed? B. Will they and others win their battle/ particular struggle? Why or Why not?


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