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(I will post a student’s example for this assignment )

There are 3 basic programming constructs we use. Let’s look at the process of withdrawing money from a bank account by way of an ATM machine. What are the steps we might use?

Step 1: Slide debit card

Step 2: Enter PIN

Step 3: Ask how much to withdraw

Step 4: Make a choice from the account

If savings account and if enough money, money is withdrawn from savings

If checking account and if enough money, money is withdrawn from checking

Step 5: Money is given.

Step 6: Receipt is given.

Step 7: Do you want to perform another transaction

if yes, go back to Step 3,

if no, stop.

This may not be exactly like your ATM, but it’s not a far stretch. However, from this example, we can see the need for the 3 basic programming constructs.

They are:

1: Sequence

2: Selection

3: Iteration

Let’s detail each of these:

1: Sequence. This is something like a recipe. You follow instructions, step by step, in order, one at a time, to achieve some goal. You will most always have this in programming. In the ATM example, Steps 1, 2, and 3 are examples of sequence.

2: Selection. Sometimes we are required to make a choice, such as Step 4 above. We will either select one path OR another path based upon some condition or question that we ask.

3: Iteration. Repetition is its synonym. Often, we need to repeat code, so based upon some condition or question, we will do some set of instructions again. In coding, we call this a loop.

Student’s example:

One main example I found regarding sequence is a payroll. For example:

1. Do payroll

2. Enter pay details (employee name, rate of pay, hours worked)

3. Calculate pay

4. Document/print pay details

5. Update employee record

So, every time a business does a payroll it’s always going to be done using the same method.


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