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Topic: Business Information

Searching relevant scholarly journal articles, research and discuss the following prompts. Include a minimum of two (2) scholarly journal articles relevant to each prompt for a total of eight (8) or more references.The initial response to each prompt requires over 400 words, which means the entire initial post will be over 1,600 words.See the grading rubrics for more details.

  • A distributed database is a collection of several different databases distributed among multiple computers. Discuss why a company would want a distributed database.
  • Productivity increases as rapid response times are achieved. Discuss what is considered an acceptable system response time for interactive applications.
  • A fully centralized data processing facility is centralized in many senses of the word. Discuss the key characteristics of centralized data processing facilities.
  • Equipment and communication redundancies are common in today’s data centers. Discuss the major types of equipment and communication redundancies found in today’s data centers.

Critique and reply to at least 3 peer initial threads, responding with supported reason and logic within each reply.


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