Discussion board two topics regarding recruitment and sustainability, management homework help

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1- Conduct independent research to find a targeted recruiting strategy. Then answer the following:

  • Describe the strategy.
  • Who does it target?
  • Does it work?

Also share other recruiting strategies you personally think are worth using.

  • Please describe them
  • Share why you think they work

2- Research two domestic/U.S. public companies and discuss similarities and differences between their sustainability. Make sure to focus not only on financial implications but also on social and environmental risks and opportunities for the organizations. You may use the database links below to help you find and research two organizations to use for this discussion.

RESOURCE: For company financials and overviews: Hoover’s Company Profiles, Mergent Online for company information, including financials, history, properties, and more. For magazine and newspaper articles about your chosen companies: Business Source Complete via EBSCO, Business via ProQuest, Regional Business News via EBSCO


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