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12/10/2020 Topic: Discussion forum: Final project presentation!

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This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible due Dec 11

Discussion forum: Final project presentation! 14 14

Please see the guideline here: Fall 2020 final project guideline-4.docx

I just select one important component of the above file here as the whole file is too long to copy in this space:

How to submit this project?

We only need to do Canvas discussion forum post for this final project which is right here :

Due date of the presentation and your reply to fellow classmates’ post is: 12/11 at 11: 59 pm. I would suggest you submit your post earlier e.g. at 12/8 or 12/9, so classmates can look at it and make comments by 12/11.

The Length of your post within 200-300 words. Or a bit more is fine. The format of your post could be like an outline, with a, b, c, d, e, f having the subtitle under these letters… meaning that you outline the main points of what you want to say, they are brief but should be understandable words and sentences, but not too brief to the point that nobody really knows what you want to say though. 😊

So you may use bulletin points. BUT First of ALL tell us which path do you use, is it observation or a subculture project? Then use bulletin points. For example for path 1 observation project:

1. My research /observational topic is: how do people talk about politics in their family gatherings.

2. My findings: 1, 2, 3, … 3. The sociological perspective closely related to this observation is: concept 1, explain why it

is concept 1; concept 2, explain why it is concept 2…

Rubrics of grading your writing and your discussion forum post are:

You remember to tell the class which path you are using to do your project;

1. Clarity in your description, the ability to analyze the phenomena using sociological perspective, depth of analysis (comprehensiveness of understanding) will be the three major factors I evaluate for your post.

2. Should be fulfilling the length of 200-300 words. 3. You have replied to two classmates’ post about what you learn from them. The reply

shows your careful reading and appreciation of the classmates’ post, the ability to



12/10/2020 Topic: Discussion forum: Final project presentation!

https://ccs.instructure.com/courses/1961380/discussion_topics/11340607 2/2

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extend the discussion by asking a further question, curiosity and creativity of the question will be much appreciated. Or you can raise a constructive critique toward the classmate’s post about how you see something is not analyzed properly, something is missing in the description and how can it be improved. We don’t call names, labeling people in comments to classmates’ posts, that is humiliating. It is strictly prohibited.


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