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Wk 4 Discussion Response

Write a 250-word post in which response to your classmates (do a response for each students post)

Please use the following questions below and quote what part of their post you agree or disagree with, and why?

  • Does this project seem to meet the requirements of the assignment?
  • Do you think the idea will be sufficient to sustain a 10 pg. report? If not, what can you suggest that will help the writer expand or narrow the idea to fit the constraints of the assignment?
  • Could the idea be more specific or more focused?
  • What questions do you have about their idea that would help them develop their proposal for Sunday? What would you like to know more about?

What additional information or types of sources could be useful for this project?

Student G

The organization that I have chosen to write about is the one which I currently work for and that is BAE Systems. I have been an employee of this company for three years now and it is in this current job that I have seen the most personal growth out of myself than at any other job I have had before. This is not to say that I have been without problems there.

The problem that I have chosen to address is that of communication. Communicating is such a critical part of any place of employment but it is even more critical when you work for a company who is a contractor to another. We have the need to report to our customer of everything that we accomplish. This communication should be flawless so that an accurate depiction of what is being currently worked on can be given. The lines of communicating should be well defined within the company so that there are no misunderstandings and everyone is well informed.

The primary audience for this report should be the employees of the company so they will understand what is being asked of them when it comes to communicating within the working groups. The secondary audience will be the government customer to whom we are a contractor for so that they will understand the type of communicating that is going on.

Some of the different resources that I will look towards are documents that address the ways agreed upon to communicate with the government customer as well as any specific direction that has been laid out for this type of communication. I will also do research of any lessons that may have been learned from issues in the past. Since the government is so big and they have multiple contractors that work for them I will look to other contractors to see what issues, if any that they have had with communicating as well.

Student F

I have chosen to write about Star Gemini International LLC (SGI) which is currently proud to spearhead Unmanned Aerial Inventory Services (UAIS), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and geo-mapping by use of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and via unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform technology. This Texas based company was formed in 2006 and I have been extensively involved in organizing management and operations from conception of said company.

The largest obstacle for SGI currently is the retooling of the company and our ability to fund our new direction of which is meant to fortify sluggish SGI business and to stabilize remaining SGI assets. Without this new concept improvement the business is poised to fail and as the owner I cannot allow this to happen. SGI was originally created to service customer sales internationally of agricultural product and provided all means of logistical support to our customer(s) from purchase points to destination(s).

My target audience will focus on banks and insurance companies as to solicit customers for RFID services and crop evaluations. Secondary audience will be for investors as to evaluate the viability of SGI’s new direction and its ability to work on the periphery of its old business environmental envelope.

I plan on backing up our new business direction by providing detail on how by using our integrated UAV platform technology, SGI can provide services that will allow a level of precision that as of yet has not been achieve by in-field investigators. This detailed information is also extremely valuable to agricultural insurance providers who in the past also relied on human in-field approach to crop evaluation for calculating claims.

I will explain what LiDAR is and how it can help evaluate crop damage and thus allow banks to gauge crop and their remaining collateral resources. I will also provide information on active RFID technology and how by embedding a transmitter in a cows ear tag we will be able to verify cattle inventories in a matter of a few hours where as in the past this process could take days depending on the ranch size.


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