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Respond to the following in 75-100 words

I decided to research about the extinction of living species in the modern day.This global societal issues is something that should alarm us and as the specie in the top of the food chain, we should do more research in order to find a solution for this problem.Every specie in our ecosystems has a role, and If we eliminate a role player, there will be consequences.

My thesis statement for this issue will be:

The self centered, selfish and arrogant attitude of human population around the world is in the process of causing an irrevocable damage to several animal species, and it’s our job to tackle activities such as habitat destruction and illegal hunting in order to preserve those species.

This global societal issue impacts several animal species around the world.Animals like the black Rhino and elephants are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth.In the case of these two species is due to illegal hunting, but the sad part is that there is several other species in the same predicament.If the problem is not taken care of, soon we will only know these animals as something that once existed in our ecosystems.

After reviewing an articles, I was able to find that in 2007 data was gathered and showed that one hundred thousand elephants where killed in a period of three years, and the number where only increasing.The article is called Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record, and it really show the impact that this global societal issue has in our environment.

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