disscusion about CAR-T cell

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There has been a recent surge of excitement regarding advances in the development of so called Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR-T) technology for the treatment of hematological malignancy, particularly ALL.

For this discussion you will consider the strategies, successes, and risks associated with this new therapeutic approach. Begin by reading this article: Vicki Brower, The CAR T-cell race (Links to an external site.),” The Scientist, (April 1, 2015). Next, focus on one biotech company or one university research group that has been at the forefront of CAR-T cell research. You can choose one of the groups listed in the above article, or you can identify another group through your own online research.

Compose a brief, ~ 300-500 word report that explains the specific CAR-T cell approach being implemented and the most up-to-date clinical data you can find regarding the status of the therapy they have developed. In your report you should also consider some of the various risks that may be associated with this therapy and any strategies the researchers are invoking to alleviate these risks.

  • Conclude your report with a provocative open-ended question to which your classmates can respond.
  • Include a list of all references used to answer the questions, and be sure to indicate the source of your answers by using “in-text” citations.

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