Diversity and Inclusion Reflection

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Assignment Instructions

Take time to think about this series of classes and review your reflections in the Diversity and Inclusion Series Reflection Workbook. For this assignment, please respond to each of the following questions within the word count listed below. Know that you should not write about your on your opinions and beliefs, but rather providing a thoughtful and thorough reflection on each question.

Reflection Questions (500-1000 words total)

1. What content or activity from the five Diversity and Inclusion Series classes had the most significant impact on you and why? How do the identities that you hold contribute to your understanding or your perception of this content or activity that you have selected?

2. How does having a better understanding of diversity and inclusion topics impact your relationships with others? Please provide specific examples.

3. Throughout these five classes, we discussed the importance of creating and maintaining inclusive communities. Why is this an important component of being a leader? What are specific examples of choices can a leader make to create and maintain communities that are inclusive of a variety of identities?

4. At the end of each class session, you wrote thoughts and questions on index cards. What thoughts or questions do you still have, and how do you plan to continue exploring them or continuing your own education in regard to topics of diversity and inclusion?

5. When reflecting on the text, 35 Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say by Maura Cullen, why do you think it is valuable to consider the language we use? What did you learn about the harm language can cause to marginalized groups and the power that privileged groups have in disrupting systems of oppression?

Everything you need is attached, please find the book attached for question 5. Thank you


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