(Do Math Apps Help Students? It Depends? )Discussion Post and 1 (One Paragraph) peer response

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Many of the resources you all found in your week 2 assignment were web-based “games” that help elementary students learn math. This week’s reading was released in 2017 and examined the effectiveness of some of these apps. In addition to the summary (which is a bit non-committal), pay attention to the reason for choosing these apps, the features, and the perceptions of engagement.

In at least 200 words, post a response answering one or more of the following questions:

  • After looking over this week’s reading, did some of the features and reasons for selecting these apps enter in to your rationale for including games or apps that you chose in your week 2 assignment? Do you also consider these reactions when choosing apps for your classroom?
  • What is your “checklist” or “must-haves” for including an app or a game in your classroom?
  • Is there a specific app/game (not a whole website) that always hits a home run in your classroom or in your house with your own children?

Peer Response


I believe that learning apps are a great tool for students for enrichment and extention. Apps can help reinforce skills and challenge students if they are appropriate. As an educator, when deciding on which applications to use it is best to try the application out yourself. This was you can see if it will be beneficial to students. Some criteria to use when selecting applications are is it child-user friendly, does the mathematical language match the terminology used in the currciulum, does the application reinforce standard, and is it engaging and enjoyable. This are key factors when determining apps to use as apart of supplemental instruction. Another key factor to consider is if the app uses questions that promote problem solving and critical thinking. These are important life skills that students should be learning early in their academic career. Considering the population that we are teaching today and the fact that they are 21st century learners it is vital for students to have opportunites that incorporate the use of technology and learning. As we discovered, the final months of the school year, technology tools are essential to teaching and learning.


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