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Assignment Content

  1. Research the following educational environments:

    • Charter school
    • Online school
    • Home school
    • Private school
    • Public school

    Choose one of the educational environments and write a 525- to 700-word essay that answers the following questions:

    1. How would you describe the environment?
    2. What are the qualifications for teaching in this environment?
    3. How does this type of school obtain its funding?
    4. When did this type of school originate?
    5. How does the public view this environment?
    6. What laws govern this type of school that distinguish it from other types? Who is in charge? Who is served by it?
    7. How is this type of school environment held accountable for student academic outcomes? Are students required to take state and/or national standardized tests? Are there any reporting requirements to share student test results with the public?
    8. How does this environment support technology and innovation?

    Submit your assignment in APA format with a minimum of 2 research references to SUPPORT ideas and beliefs–not a website to the school you research, but if it is using RESEARCH-BASED best practices.


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