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Please review the description of the organization that is the subject of your semester project. The


This phase will involve performing a records inventory. The organization is far too large

to undertake a records inventory for the entire company. You will need to make a

determination of which program or division or functional area whether that be (a) the loan

(mortgage, personal, commercial) department, (b) banking – including both commercial

and personal savings and checking accounts and related internet banking, or (c) investment

banking/financial planning/administration of retirement accounts to include in your records

inventory. Once you have made that determination, decide which of the

managers/personnel previously identified that you will need to contact/interview and work

with in order to complete the records inventory for the functional area that your group has

selected. It will most likely include more than one of the personnel/departments listed in

your company description. As project manager you have decided to collect information

using a two-step approach where you first send out survey questions and then once you

have received the responses you will follow up by conducting interviews.

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