documentary film Assessment

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The instructor recommends allotting 90 minutes to complete this assignment. Time Recommendation: 60 minutes to watch the film and 30 minutes to answer the questions. This is only a recommendation, you may spend more or less time on this assignment depending on your ability and availability.


  1. Why did the Bracero Program make it difficult to organize farm workers into a union?
  2. How did Cesar Chaves differ from many of the Latino community leaders that came before him? How did his leadership help dispel stereotypes or assumptions some Latino held about themselves?
  3. Who was Sal Castro? How did Sal Castro’s personal history inform his action on behalf of his students?
  4. What did the Civil Rights Movement of African Americans in the South have to do with Mexican American kids in Los Angeles?
  5. What tactic did Sal Castro and the students choose to make their concerns known to the educational system? How long did they plan and how extensive was the participation? How did law enforcement perceive their actions?


  • Watch the film Latino Americans Prejudice and Pride
  • Answer the assessment questions for the film
  • On the right-hand side of the screen click on the icon that says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT”
  • Click on the tab “File Upload” to attach your documentary film assessment or click on the tab “Text Entry” if you wish to copy and paste OR write your review in the box provided.
  • Be sure to click “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” after you finishing uploading the document.

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