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The speech must follow the Monroe Motivated Sequence Format as discussed in class and text within the basic speech format of Introduction/Body/Conclusion.

Time: Time period for your speech is 3 to 5 minutes 2 points will be deducted for every 30 seconds under the allotted time; 2 points will be deducted for going over the allotted time by over 2 minutes. Going under also means that additional points will be deducted from related areas of your subject.

Verbal Citations : You must include at least 2 verbal citations 2 citations from research sources (include year of study in at least one of them). Your Works Cited Page must have at least 2 references.

The Monroe Motivated Sequence format consists of the following steps: Do not Say the steps in your speech

The Attention Step

– In the attention step the speaker seeks to gain the attention of the audience.

The Problem Step

– The speaker states the problem (A need is not being met or satisfied hence the problem).

The Solution Step

– The speaker provides several general solutions to the problem (So in solving the problem you are meeting/satisfying a need). Include at least one

(1) opposing view/ counterargument/objection in your solutions.

The Visualization Step

– The speaker paints a verbal picture of what the situation will be like once the solution is in effect and the problem has been solved, e.g. “Imagine ….

The Action Step

– The speaker tells the audience what they can do ( Individually) to make the solution a reality. The Speech OUTLINE and Works Cited

(All written assignments must be STAPLED before submission. Unstapled submissions will NOT be accepted ).

The outline must comply with the following:

Must follow the Monroe Motivated Sequence (See Sample Outline on pp 2, 3. Must follow the speech format of Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Must be a Sentence outline. Please refer to sample outline.

Must be typed.

Must have a header section at the top of the outline that lists the Topic, General Purpose, Specific Purpose etc


You must have a Works Cited page attached to the Outline, which follows the MLA style. See the text and other resources such as

for examples


PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Monroe Motivated Sequence/ Sentence Outline

TOPIC: Hazing

General Purpose : to persuade

Specific Purpose: to persuade the audience that the practice of hazing should be banned.



I. The Attention Step

This is a picture of John Smith who died some months ago as a result of hazing.

II. Motivation for Listening


How many deaths must we experience before this practice is stopped?


Many fraternities, groups and organizations are guilty of this practice.


Victims of hazing suffer great distress.

III. Thesis Statement/Central Idea

Hazing is harmful to individuals and society as a whole and should be eradicated

IV. Preview of Speech

I’ll focus on physical and emotional distress and the need for stricter laws and policies.


II. The Problem Step

A. Statistics show that hazing is more common than we think. According to…

B. Physical harm to the victim can lead to death

C. Emotional problems are many and can lead to mental health problems.

III. The Solution Step

A. Lawmakers should develop stricter laws so that non-complying groups and

organizations are suitably punished.

B. Groups and organizations must enforce their policies.

C. Some argue that it is harmless fun.

D. Another counterargument is that it has been around since the beginning of

time as a popular tradition


E. The facts speak for themselves

IV. The Visualization Step



the relief on so many anxious-looking faces in not having to feel

afraid of being hazed when joining a group.3

V. The Action Step


What I’d like each of you to do is

speak out on this issue


There are many seminars you can attend.

C. Let me tell you about some healthy ways of inducting someone into a group

D. This is a website where you can find more information.

VI. Conclusion


Hazing is not harmless fun.


It causes a lot of distress and tragedies.

VII. Memorable Ending

I’ll leave you with this popular biblical quotation, “Do unto others as..

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