Dominant Spanish Accounts

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P= Purpose(s) of text

A= Audience(s) of text

S= Subject matter of text

S= Stance of author toward text

K= Key passage of text (and why it is key!)

E= Elaborate on at least 3 questions and/or comments

Y= Your connection to the text (not so much did you identify with something in the text, but did it remind you of something–another text, another course, an experience, the news, etc.)

1) In this week’s readings we learn about the meetings of the Spanish and the Native Americans on the Yucatan peninsula. Because these accounts are written by the Spanish, they focus on the previous explorations (and their results or lack thereof), the politics involved in the preparations, and the decision of Cortes to leave quickly, before he could be stopped by the governor of Hispaniola (now known as Cuba). We also learn of a speech made by Cortes to his men. What did you learn about Spanish “conquistadors” from the accounts by Gomara and Diaz? What did you learn about Cortes?

2) We learn about Aguilar and Guerrero, two Spaniards who had been shipwrecked and taken in by the Native Americans in the Yucatan (they were Maya, but there were different languages and tribes as well as different villages). Guerrero refuses to be “rescued,” but Aguilar becomes a translator of Mayan languages for the Spanish. Later, we learn a bit about Dona Marina, who came from what we sometimes call the Aztec empire, and who then helped Cortes as a translator when they moved past the Yucatan towards what is now Mexico City. Looking back over the early encounters, before having these translators, what was the ability of the Spanish and Natives to communicate? Were there times you suspect that they may not have communicated as well as they thought they did? Are the accounts of Diaz and Gomara the same in this regard?

3) The excerpts from the Florentine Codex collected together in Broken Spears were written by Native Americans, but not by the first generation to meet the Spanish. These accounts were written by the second generation, after having been schooled by the Franciscan priests. Still, what do you notice about these accounts that is different from the Spanish accounts?

Please choose Diaz or Gomara for the first part than answer all 3 questions from the 3 reading. No need for citing. Only need 2 to 3 paragraphs for questing. Please answer question one the way its laid out P,A,S etc.

Broken Spears 3-12 link below,%20or%20The%20Broken%20Spears%20by%20Miguel%20Leon-Portilla.pdf

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