Drafting and planning documents

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Please answer BSBWRT301_AT_2 of 2.docx question 1 to question 4.

Question 1 is base on question 2 letter (highlight part)

To answer question 2 you need to check the letter for suitability of the following: tone for audience, format, purpose and communication style. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and construction and sequence of sentence and paragraphs then save in this file “BSBWRT301_Alicia_ Fesent

please answer Question 3 and 4 on BSBWRT301_AT_2 of 2

Please answer BSBWRT301_AT_1 of 2.docx question 10 to question 11. (stakeholder_report.docx and august_update_report.docx is for referrance)
I have finish some part of question 11 but I have no idea how to ask specifically for the areas you might need to improve


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