EDU 645 W3 Learning Assessment for the 21st Century D1, Writing Assignment Homework Help

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Integrating Technology

Discuss the following:

  • What evidence did you see and hear by watching Mr. Pronovost Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Gamesthat supports what has been learned thus far regarding setting & communicating learning objectives, using the gradual release model, giving feedback, and assessment?
  • How does he specifically structure his lesson to incorporate technology? How does using technology promote differentiation?
  • What evidence is there of varying levels of cognition? Identify the levels of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) you observed students reaching during the various stages of the lesson.
  • How do you believe this type of learning environment makes students feel about their capabilities with math? Why?

*** Use VoiceThread, Eyejot, or YouTube and respond to the prompt and
post the link to your video or audio recording in the discussion forum for others to respond to.

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