ENGL 101 Practicing Revision & Synthesis Through Fanfiction

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When you revise, you re-envision and recreate an old project with new energy, ideas, and rhetorical
strategies. Using revision requires making major changes meant to improve the effectiveness of a text
according to a new vision developed by the writer. When you synthesize knowledge, you combine and
engage with other people’s ideas while inserting and formulating your own. Using synthesis is a way
to develop and strengthen your ideas while exhibiting thoughtfulness and consideration to your
audience. When writing in public genres, it is especially important to keep in mind what has already
been said and discussed about your topic.
For this project, you’ll practice synthesis and revision through writing a fanfiction, a fan-written
story featuring already created and established characters, worlds, and plot elements. To write your
fanfiction, you’ll synthesize your own ideas with those from other fans as well as from the original
creator(s). To do this, you’ll have to figure out what ideas and writing strategies you do and don’t agree
with and then create a story that reflects the incorporation of these ideas. Compose a bibliography of
five sources containing ideas you considered when writing your fanfiction.
After writing your fanfiction, you’ll write a 500-word reflection. Along with explaining how you
considered all five of your sources, this defense should discuss the most important rhetorical choices you
made when writing your fanfiction and “revising” the original work. Please note that the reflection is
mandatory and if any portion of this assignment is missing, I will not grade the assignment.


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