Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Big Two-Hearted River Part I and II”

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Now that you have read Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Big Two-Hearted River Part I and II” please reflect on Hemingway’s famous modernist iceberg theory of writing. Notice how Hemingway’s story details every moment of Nick’s trek through his home town, his camp, and his fishing, but never discusses his emotions having just returned home from war. For this post, please write a 300-350 word detailed description of a mundane task like doing laundry, mowing the yard, getting dressed, etc. Create a character, like Nick, and don’t include any background or commentary regarding your character. I have provided a sample below.

Versa never liked doing laundry as a child, but it was better than the other options, so she went with it. She has a way with the fabrics and likes the feel of them. She can fold jeans so well it looks like they are ironed. She can make a pile of worn out underwear look like it belongs in the Nordstrom window. Her preferred soap is a “scent-free” detergent from Arm & Hammer. Every morning, she starts with the towels. They require the most time, because drying them takes about 90 minutes. The other loads only take 60 minutes to dry. She then washes the dark clothes followed by the white clothes. Always in that order. Oftentimes, she bleaches the white load that has her husband’s undershirts in it. She folds each load on the island in the center of her kitchen while standing on a plush blue rug. The tiles in the kitchen make her feet ache, so the rug helps. She plays music while she folds each item, usually Elton John or the Beatles. This is her “folding music.” The towels are the first items to be put away in the cabinet—neatly folded in a tri-fold method. The children’s clothes and her husband’s clothes will be combined on the island until she has folded both the white load and the dark load. The piles are erected on the marble counter in the following order: husband, wife, son, daughter, and Goodwill. She creases the seams, flattens the ruffles, and caresses each item with firm respect. In mere moments, the neat drawers in each room await the neat piles.

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