Ethan is ten years old and in the fifth grade, Full Inclusion, psychology homework help

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Parritz, R.H., & Troy, M.F.
(2014). Disorders of Childhood: Development and psychopathology (2nd
ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781285096063.

Ethan is ten years old and in the fifth grade. He was referred for neuropsychological assessment at the request of his parents, who are concerned about his difficulty tasks and academic underachievement. Language processing difficulties were identified ear;y in his development, and he received speech and language therapy before entering elementary school. He does not like to write anything and screams writing is impossible. Teachers she him as a procrastinator and full of anxiety. Test are successful if they are untimely. If any writing has to take place even writing out math problems the anxiety kicks in. He struggled with writing task and prints awkwardly. His spelling and written output appear slow and labored. Test results showed Ethan general cognitive abilities to be in high average range, with processing speed measured by timed test with pencil and paper to be the one area of relative weakness. He has strong math reasoning ability  and good reading comprehension scores. However the poor writing skills sets him back. he seems to think and focus very hard to print each letter. He showed poor visual motor control but  his fine motor speed and coordination were not delayed. The neuropsychologist concluded that Ethan met criteria for Learning Disorder of written expression. some suggested strategies were reduce unnecessary copying, proving additional time for tasks requiring written work and increasing the use of keyboarding and dictating for longer assignments.

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