Ethics and the Police

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Police discretion can lead to multiple moral dilemmas for police officers and police organizations. Chapter 2 in your text and the Cops and Ethics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video explore ethical situations often faced by police officers (Barber, 2010). For this discussion, develop at least three guidelines for police agencies to use in creating a police discretion policy. Detail the potential negative consequences of such a policy. Your discussion should include specific examples to support your policies.

Guided Response: As you choose your guidelines, focus on the difficulty of writing policy for all situations. Routinely, inside and outside of the field of criminal justices, organizations and corporations are routinely updated and revised. The need for revisions is often due in large part to the realization that no policy can cover all contingencies. Does drafting your own policy provide you with an appreciation of the difficulties for creating universal, ethical policies?

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