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I need help answering these three questions. Needs to be in the form of a paper with reference page included. Short answer paper in APA format. Instructions included below:

how you integrate support into your work this week. Explain clearly,
using a formal tone, how 2 pieces of support reinforce your answer. When
complete, this assignment should consist of at least 3 paragraphs, with
2 pieces of support integrated into each paragraph, and a reference

  • Answer each question below with a minimum of one paragraph each (3-4 sentences).  

  • Choose 2 pieces of support from the week’s material related to each question’s answer.

  • Summarize your chosen support. Do not use quotations!

  • Integrate the support into the paragraph. An example is provided below.

  • In each answer, clearly explain how the summaries support your answers to the questions below.  An example is provided below.

  • Cite the support using APA guidelines.

  • Provide a reference page.



  1. Is stealing always unethical? You may not choose a neutral stance.

  2. Would Immanuel Kant agree or disagree with your stance?

  3. How do emotion and reason influence your response?



of the tribe in the basic research methods is crucial. Tiered consent
has been shown to be the most successful method for obtaining consent
for long-term specimen research among collectivist cultures (Holmes,
2006), and using this method would involve the tribe directly with the
process, encouraging engagement of the tribal elders, who in the past,
have been resistant to research involving specimen storage of any kind.
According to Mendelson (2009), collectivist cultures such as the
Havasupai become more engaged if deeply involved in the decision-making
process, and may add input that can help direct research methods.
Including the tribal elders in the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and
the plan for storage and disposal of specimens will help to honor tribal
customs and encourage trust between researchers and tribal members.

(Holmes and Mendelson would be referenced on a separate reference page.)

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