evaluate classmate’s paper (1 page), sociology homework help

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(this is the question)The assignment will be Evaluate a Classmate’s Paper

The classmate’s paper is in file (pdf format)

asked to read a classmate’s paper, decide if the student followed the assignment directions, provide a thoughtful critique of their paper, and assign a grade to the paper. Your critique of their paper will be in the form of a “compliment sandwich” and consist or three parts: 1. a one sentence compliment; 2. at least two sentences that provide an honest, thoughtful, and constructive criticism of the paper or suggestion for improvement; 3. another brief compliment. Your ability to provide a peer review, including adequate feedback, of your classmate’s paper will factor into the grade on your paper

(this is not the question) the classmate’s paper is about description a violate social norm( choose one of norms listed below also can think another it’s up to you) and describe the way you felt and other people’s reactions. For example, you might describe whether the experience was uncomfortable, fun, liberating, scary, or something else and discuss other people’s reactions to you.

the violate a social norm list

  • Sing loudly (solo) on a UNA bus or in an elevator with strangers on it.
    • Position yourself six inches from an acquaintance’s nose during a conversation.
    • Stand on your chair in a restaurant and recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Preamble.
    • Continuously jump up and down while waiting in a check-out line at a grocery store.
    • Get into an elevator that is crowded with strangers, and after the doors close, introduce yourself to the group.
    • Get into an elevator (with people in it) and stand with your nose against the back wall.
    • Tie a stuffed animal onto a leash and drag it through a public place.


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