Film Genres Worksheet

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The word count requirement cited with the instructions for each section apply to the entire section, not to each single question in that section. Please observe the minimum word count requirement as it provides a guideline for how much detail should be included.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Make sure that direct quotes are inside quotation marks and that you include citations for all outside sources. A film is a source. Do not copy and paste text from anywhere into your assignment without citing your source and employing quotation marks for direct quotes.

Here is the APA formatting template for a reference page citation for a film:

Producer, A.A. (Producer), & Director, A.A. (Director). (Release Year). Title of motion picture [Motion Picture]. Country of Origin: Studio


Kennedy, K. (Producer), & Zemeckis, R. L. (Director). (1985). Back to the future [Motion Picture]. U.S.A: Universal Pictures

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