final annotation bibliography

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we were to chose one topic and the topic is anxiety for this annotated. please be sure “Advances in Treatment” annotated bibliography, , which is the annotated bibliography (4 articles) final projectis longer

  1. An introduction and summary of the disease and why it was selected.
  2. Include at least 4 research articles. Sample sources are the library database; medical journals; and government websites such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  3. Prepare 4 references for your annotated bibliography. A maximum of 2 sources should come from an online source.
  4. Beneath each reference, write an annotation. For more information on preparing an Annotated Bibliography and APA, navigate to the Resources tab in this course.
  5. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling.

Topic selection

I would like to select anxiety. Learning about anxiety disorders gives me an opportunity to communicate better with my mother, I could understand her even better. We may think it is just a small word but in the real world, it is a severe mental disorder. Another reason, that made me pick this topic is because in the near future my major will be Psychology.

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