Finance Plan

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You are starting with a budget of $300,000 with $100,000 coming
from your team members (fictitiously), and $200,000 coming from investors or
through loans. Your business plan will be presented to your potential
investors or lenders at the end of the course, and will be very detailed in
order to receive the investors’ approval or the bank’s loan. All
your costs will be detailed in your business plan.
My operation plan is missing a lot of
information to make my
financial plan, i need expert to make it and
explain all steps to me, so please read the operation plan and you need to know
what is exactly our
expense to start and put all the right numbers in the
sheet attached.

please note still we need:



and we make $5000 budget for
marketing each year

and I will follow with you all
the numbers

Building payment

You have to be expert and I am ready for more information if you

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