Financial Management: Assessment Paper, WACC, Stock Prices

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FIN-317 Financial Management

Week 7 – Assessment Paper on Starbucks

Teacher tip:
and entering your company name in the search bar

·Investor relationships: Imagine you invested
$1,000 in the Starbucks stock how did your investment perform during the past 8

o Did you make money? If
so, what was the annualized return?

o Did you lose money?

o Earn a dividend?

o What about long-term
performance of the stock?

·Prepare a chart showing the company’s stock
price over the previous 5-year period. Would you want the company’s stock or
debt in your 401(k)? Why or why not?

·Has the firm executed any stock buybacks? If
so, what was the effect on the stock price?

·Calculate the WACC for your company.

Cite all scholarly sources used

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