financial statement discussion board question

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I have attached an Excel file that contains GE’s consolidated
balance sheets for fiscal years ending Dec 2017 and 2016. I highlighted a
row that says “Goodwill”. You will note that this long-term asset is
about 20% of total assets. If you go to the latest 10-K of GE from
SEC.GOV, and read Note 8 under “Notes to Financial Statements” you can
read the details. As a general rule always look at the notes to
financial statements, there are many interesting details that are hidden
in those notes.

Your question to discuss is “what is goodwill? How is it booked?
Should we have an item like that in the balance sheet? If you do not
think goodwill belongs in the financial statements, how do you think we
should proceed? Discuss amongst yourselves 🙂 (an old reference to a SNL
shtick, I am all verklempt now)

GE Balance Sheet.xlsx (11.396 KB)

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