First, Please answer the questions to part 1,2. Second, the bullet point portion is the essay part, the topic for the essay is Part I. The topic I choose is Nida’s Transformation :Write a paragraph

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Must watch Netflix show the Ghoul  1.2.3. in order to answer/ do essay.

The topic I choose is Nida’s Transformation :Write a paragraph of about 150-200 words, address the following questions: What topic have you chosen and why? What do you wish to argue about Ghoul? Is your thesis contestable? Does it pass the “contestability test”? (That is, can you think of a counterclaim?) Is your thesis actually about the text, Ghoul, or is it making a more general claim about philosophy/morality/etc.? (Note, your thesis should be about Ghoul, since this is a literature class and not a philosophy class!) What THEORY about Ghoul do you wish to convince others to believe that they would not have noticed just by watching the show?

Part II. ANALYSIS PACK: Now start to consider how arguable your thesis is. How well can you build your case? Which SCENES from Ghoul do you wish to use to help to support your thesis? In a bullet-point list, write down at least 3 scenes from the show that you wish to add to your “analysis pack” (the collection of scenes you’ve selected to analyze) and one short sentence explaining why you think that particular scene can help support your thesis.

Essay topic is Nida’s Transformation, everything underlined is part of the topic that must be discussed in the essay. Also, please write a thesis statement for this essay.

  • Instructions for Essay paper
  • Each piece of textual evidence should also be surrounded by carefully reasoned analysis.
  • The goal of this paper is not only to persuade your readers to support your claim, but to teach them something new and valuable about the text that they did not know before. What new insight does your particular reading uncover?
  • The essay should aim to take an “in-depth” approach to textual analyses by zooming in on particular moments (quotations) from the readings/show.
  • A tip for organizing your paper: I recommend choosing 2-3 scenes in Ghoul to analyze closely, and dedicating one body paragraph to each scene. Try to strategically select scenes that help support your claim in some way. Be sure to describe the scene (setting, characters, dialogue) in detail before diving into your analysis.

This is the Essay Topic : #2: Nida’s Transformation ,In the first episode of Ghoul, Nida betrays her father, giving him up to the state. She is top of her class at the academy, and appears to believe fully in the integrity of the government. Why, by the show’s end, does Nida undergo such a drastic transformation? How does the jinn and her experience at the advanced interrogation prison alter her perception of the state? What do you make of the show’s ending, and what broader social and moral message do you think the show is attempting to convey to viewers

  • For this assignment, please compose an essay of 3-4 pages (double-spaced) on one of the following topics OR a topic of your choosing. This essay must be written according to MLA format and must include a Works Cited page.

Your essay should present a contestable thesis statement, take a clear stance, and use carefully chosen textual evidence to support your claims. Since this paper will center on the series Ghoul, “textual evidence” will come from the scenes in the show as well as the readings from the Quran and Amira El-Zein’s text. Any textual evidence from the show should come from descriptions of the scenes you choose to discuss as well as the show’s script (link to script below).

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