Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE), psychology assignment help

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Keep it short. Not longer than a paragraph per question or a few sentences per question will be enought. 

My follow-up question/challenge to you is this: 

This week, in my lecture, I discussed the psychological phenomena of biases. 

In addition to the Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE) there are a number of other biases we use to filter the information from our world. These biases can keep us from seeing the world as it “really is” and these biases are usually at the root of negative behavior (e.g., stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, hate crimes, etc.). 

Another interesting bias is called the availability heuristic. Conduct an Internet search to see what you can learn about this bias. Share with us: 

1. What is a heuristic?

2. Describe the availability heuristic

3. Share with us a time when you have used the availability heuristic 

All information about heuristics should be properly cited and referenced.

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