General Guidelines


General Guidelines: You may use the APA Style, the Chicago Style, or the MLA Style to format your paper. You must use 12 point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins and double spacing. Do not try to manipulate your paper length by adjusting the font size or margins! The paper needs to be stapled before you come to class. The Rough Draft should have at least 3 (meaning all the way to the bottom of the third page) pages. The Final Draft should be between 4 (meaning all the way to the bottom of the fourth page) to 6 pages. These pages do not include the cover sheet or list of citations. At a bare minimum, your list of citations should have 3 sources (the course textbook, the 2 movies, and the Atticus Finch article), though you may use and include additional text-based sources if you wish. Reference the Atticus Finch article as a source for the idea that people change their attitudes/beliefs after they attend college or live somewhere other than their hometowns, but do not analyze or discuss it in-depth. You need to reference the textbook throughout the body of your paper. However, do not use Wikipedia or any other general information publications. If you’re unsure about a source’s credibility, ask me. For the Rough Draft, discuss white/Hispanic race relations; inter-regional differences between Yankees and Texans; generational differences; the role of women in politics; and the impact of the oil industry on Texan society in Giant. For the Final Paper, expand your analysis to include W. You may want to discuss the role of religion in politics and/or public life (especially as compared to how it was kept private during the time period depicted in Giant). Discuss the socio-economic changes (again, the rise of the oil industry as well as the increasing shift from rural to urban life) that impacted the aforementioned issues between the 1930s – 1980s. Bear in mind that, once upon a time, Republicans were the “liberals” and Democrats were the “conservatives” in Texas politics. Remember: This is an analytical essay, NOT a movie review. Do not present your opinions about the movies (such as whether they are “good” or “bad”)

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