Geography Question

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Capture the unique heart of your city through a google earth project

When you think about the city or town where you live, what unique place, experience, or attribute comes to mind? What is a hidden gem that also says something deeper about that place? How can you connect that hidden gem to the discipline of urban geography?

For example, I might reflect on the ranch house that I live in, which was built in the 1950s in a Durham suburb. That suburb is now an inner-city neighborhood. I could investigate the specific history of my neighborhood and my house. Maybe I would focus on the ranch style of architecture: why it was so popular in the 1950s and what is its legacy? Or, maybe I would focus on how the racial composition of the neighborhood has changed and I could dig out historical census data. I could connect that to racialized housing policies in Durham and the US. There are any number of fascinating things to explore!

Google earth gives you lots of creative options. You can include text, video, photos, and voice recordings. How exactly you structure your presentation is totally up to you! But, pay attention to the rubric below to make sure you are completing all the necessary elements.

How much information you wish to include is up to you. But, you should focus on just one place/attribute/experience rather than the whole history of a place or every single neighborhood of a city. Rather than going broad, go deep. Explore a single place/attribute/experience in depth, while then connecting that single facet back to a broader issue in urban geography.

Download Google Earth:

Watch this tutorial on how to use Google Earth:

Google earth also has lots of mini tutorials that can help you with the technical elements of creating a project.

**You need to make sure that you are using the right version of google earth—make sure that you are using the version that allows you to create a shareable link when you are finished. Double check this before you begin working. Follow the link above the download the right version of google earth.

Include a final slide with your references.




Point Value


Quality of visuals, eg photos, videos, map views



Choice of subject—it is unique and interesting?



Analysis—text or spoken content that connects specific topic back to a larger issue in urban geography


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